Make the most of your ecommerce investment

Lokion can help make the most of your ecommerce investment in ATG or other platforms by providing the knowledge and insight to tune up and turn up your existing efforts. Offered as a combination of services or utilized separately, this is a program with the ability to empower your marketing, merchandising, content and IT teams to produce more effectively, more efficiently. The opportunity? Weed out what is weary and go for what works. The result? Smarter, targeted solutions with a speedier time to market. And did we mention fewer roadblocks and problems? Increased visibility into reporting? Now is the time to finally get what you have been asking for. For existing B2C or B2B implementations in ATG or other platforms, whether new or established, Lokion provides:

  • Content administration/merchandising audits and recommendations
  • Merchandising/content administration training
  • Outsourced content management/merchandising
  • Build/deploy audits, recommendations, guidelines
  • Enhancement and upgrade support
  • Business requirements elicitation and documentation
  • Usability and heuristic studies, reports, and recommendations
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Reporting, analysis and recommendations