Cloud Migration Services

Ready to move your cloud experience and uncover savings?

According to research by CIO, 96% of enterprises use a cloud service. The public cloud service market is predicted to reach over $623B by 2023. An estimated 30% of all IT budgets are allocated to cloud computing. This presents a significant opportunity for businesses to find savings in migrating to a new cloud provider. 

In fact, as the cloud becomes more and more commonplace, people are beginning to realize they don’t have to settle for the status quo. If you’re in this same boat, you may be struggling to achieve the experience you want from your cloud provider. 

Maybe you want to be able to spin up instances on-demand, prepare for upcoming demand surges, or serve personalized content to customize experiences for your customers. You may be looking for a way to reduce costs without sacrificing performance.

Perhaps you just need better service in general with more bandwidth and a higher up-time. 

Whether you know the provider you want to move to or need help finding the ideal solution, 

Lokion Can Help

Our team of migration experts, cloud engineers, service managers, and Quality Assurance specialists have experience across multiple cloud applications. 

We can provide a turnkey experience to cloud migration, mapping out each step that must be considered and taking on the heavy lifting for your team. 

Our team will establish goals to meet business requirements and create a cybersecurity strategy. We’ll catalog the application, your tech stack, and purchased licensing so we can put together a plan to move the applications as efficiently as possible.

Whether you have a specific project in mind or are still exploring your options, we're here to help.