Enterprise Commerce

Global ecommerce sales grew by 27.6% from 2019 to 2020, reaching $4.28 trillion. The pandemic only accelerated the growth of e-retail sales and customer expectations. Customers expect speed, selection, security, a variety of pickup methods, and personalization across devices from their online shopping experiences. In order to secure and expand their share of the market, businesses must prioritize and differentiate through customer experience.

For businesses like yours, selecting and implementing the right ecommerce platform is critical to customer engagement, retention, and loyalty. You need a platform that will grow with your business, integrate with your core solutions, and provide the right capabilities.

However, you may not have the resources on hand to deal with the complexities of platform selection, implementation, and maintenance. And you know you need to get this right to avoid delays, issues with programming, wasted resources, and sunk costs.

A full-service interactive firm, Lokion specializes in ecommerce with a focus on platform selection, implementation, maintenance, and enhancements. We help businesses like yours get the most out of their ecommerce platforms to expand their reach and engage more customers.

Enterprises turn to Lokion for:

  • Platform selection: We’ll find the best fit for you (whether or not it’s with one of our partners)
  • Implementation: We’ll work to ensure the quickest uptime and fastest path to more sales
  • Strategy: We’ll plan your site navigation and content as well as how best to bring your unique product catalog into the system
  • Design: We’ll create a look and feel that represents the best aspects of your brand to your customers
  • Custom Integration: Our team will extend the platform to work with your existing systems
  • Quality Assurance: We test every aspect of your site until we know it’s done right
  • Training: We’ll get your content and inventory managers up to speed fast

No matter your business’s size, your customers expect an experience that matches the sophistication of big players like Amazon. You need a site that takes care of business with real-time access to your inventory, catalogs, CRM, and marketing tools.

Isn’t it time to optimize your site to meet customer expectations? Take the first step today by getting in touch with our team at Lokion.

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