Who are your users, and what do they need from your site or service? Which parts of your product give delight or dread? And once you know, how does this information translate into an improved user experience? Trust Lokion strategists to bring it all together.

User Experience (UX)

Our team gets to know your exist­ing and poten­tial audi­ences through contextual observation, inter­views, focus groups, field stud­ies, and online sur­veys that shed light on their motivations, desires, and behaviors. Common projects include:

  • Audience research
  • Personas
  • Customer journey maps
  • User stories


Through usability evaluations and testing, we deliver pri­or­i­tized rec­om­men­da­tions val­i­dated with clear met­rics and “voice of cus­tomer” feed­back. Our on-site usabil­ity test­ing lab is sound engi­neered and wired for in-person or remote obser­va­tion, so you can wit­ness usabil­ity ses­sions in action.

Information Architecture

How do all the requirements and recommendations fit together to build the best site? We handle the process and provide just enough documentation to guide an Agile project. Common tasks include:

  • Use cases
  • Activity diagrams
  • Interactive wireframes
  • Data maps
  • Business, functional and interface requirements


Through user-centered design, we deliver sites that are both beautiful and practical, so your users come back time and again. Common design services include:

  • Interface (UI) and interaction design
  • Graphic design and multimedia production
  • Online style guides

Design Sprints

Many organizations are turning to design sprints as an effective way to analyze a problem, envision a solution, and validate it with customers—all in the span of one week. If you’re faced with a known concern or a specific stumbling block that’s well-defined but complex, this tool can help. After a design sprint led by Lokion, you’ll have a list of actionable next steps to inform a strategic plan, seed an Agile backlog, or even set the stage for another design sprint.


If your organization can’t seem to get past the same old problems, a facilitated ThinkFactory session can get you on track toward real solutions. Our experts come together with your team for a few hours of hands-on collaboration, using exercises to foster shared vision and design thinking. After the workshop, we’ll put together a list of priorities and roadmap you can begin pursuing immediately.

Is your organization using Agile methodologies? Learn how Lokion can help you integrate design into your sprint cycles.

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