The Challenge

Platform Limitations

Premium Canadian brand Purdys Chocolatier wanted to modernize their homegrown IT ecosystem. This customer-focused company serves three distinct segments: individuals, group buyers, and fundraisers—from the business purchasing bulk holiday gifts to the student selling chocolates for school. Separate processes served each customer group, blocking the integration needed to support the company’s vision for a single, cross-channel customer experience.

The Solution

Bringing it all Together

Lokion’s UX strategy team interviewed stakeholders across the organization to map the current state and prioritize requirements that addressed the unique needs of the company’s business model and customer segments. Our strategists developed a vendor-friendly Request For Information (RFI) worksheet and self-evaluation scorecard. We sat in on pitches and researched platforms to provide an objective evaluation of each one. We recommended a solution and, after on-site strategic brainstorming, delivered interactive wireframes for the ideal future experience to serve all customers.


A Better Customer Experience

Based on Lokion’s UX strategy guidance, Purdys Chocolatier chose a new commerce platform and successfully deployed a new B2C website. Lokion’s clear recommendations helped development stay fast and focused, even during the peak business seasons of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Using this foundation, the company continues to improve on business efficiency and customer experience.

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