The Challenge

Will Our Users Understand?

HGTV had plans for a dynamic new site to provide inspiration and resources for remodelers. Given the broad topic, the client struggled to prioritize features and organize content in a way that would make sense to users. Should items be arranged by room type, for example, or by function? In addition, HGTV wanted to target two distinct audiences: homeowners and contractors. They needed help making sure the site served each group well.

The Solution

Card Sorting to Uncover Mental Models

Lokion’s usability team proposed card sorting as part of iterative usability testing sessions to validate the site’s language, features, and ease of use. For the first round test participants performed open card sorting, grouping contents into categories they labeled themselves. After HGTV tweaked their site navigation and wireframes based on session results, we performed closed card sorting. This time, users categorized items by predetermined group labels to confirm that the new structure helped users find particular content.


A Rich Experience for Modelers

By observing and talking with users, Lokion and HGTV were able to design a simplified navigation and feature set for remodelers and contractors that folded easily into the network’s new website, resulting in a successful launch and sustained high usage levels.

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